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Fraser Island is about 300km north of Brisbane and 15km off the coast of Hervey Bay and Maryborough.

Just off the coast from Queensland's Hervey Bay, is World Heritage Listed Fraser Island - With an area of 184 000 hectares it is the largest sand island in the world and the only place on the planet where rainforest grows on sand!

Over 120 kilometres long and over 30 kilometres across at its widest point, the Island has developed over 800,000 years and is a unique natural environment. Named 'K'gari' (meaning paradise) Fraser Island was home to the Butchulla people who lived on the island for over 5,500 years. Their heritage is evident in archaeological sites, midden heaps, ceremonial bora rings, and stone implements. European history credits Fraser's discovery to Captain James Cook.

The island was named after Eliza Fraser in remembrance of her dramatic shipwreck.

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Orchid Beach

Champagne Pools

Take the children for a dip and grab a tan at Champagne Pools. These naturally formed volcanic rock recreational pools make this a popular salt water swimming destination for the whole family. The Champagne pools are situated between Indian Head and Waddy Point. There are timber walking tracks and steps for easy access.

Indian Head

Lake Allom

Tucked into a rainforest hollow, this lake offers a cool respite from the beach environment. A circuit track around the lake meanders through a variety of plant communities. Wait on the viewing platform and watch for freshwater turtles, but please do not feed them.

Maheno Wreck

The Maheno, the most famous of the Fraser Island wrecks, was driven ashore just north of Happy Valley during a cyclone in 1935. Once a well-known trans- Tasman liner, the Maheno was bound for a Japanese wrecking yard when she met her stormy end. Today the hull lies slowly deteriorating in the harsh salt environment, about 10 kilometres north of Happy Valley.

Eli Creek

Cool off next to this crystal clear freshwater creek, that flows through vegetated banks and right out to the beach. Watch for eels and frogs from the boardwalk, and see small fish (empire gudgeon and jungle perch) swimming against the current.

Lake McKenzie

This inland, perched lake is a popular site. White sand and sparkling blue waters attract many visitors. Parking is limited - best to visit before 10.30am or after 2.30pm.

Lake Wabby

This is the deepest lake on Fraser Island. Its shore lies at the advancing edge of the Hammerstone Sandblow. Drive around (Cornwell's Break Road) and up to the ridge above the lake, where a short walk takes you to a splendid lookout offering a view of this barrage lake and the sandblow that is slowly engulfing it.

Lake Birrabeen

Lake Boomanjin

This is the largest perched lake in the world, covering almost 200ha. Its waters are stained brown by tannins leached from the vegetation.

Hervey Bay

River Heads

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